Avis is a refiner and manufacturer of high purity tungsten powder demanded by various industries. Due to use of virgin grade raw material, sophisticated refining process as well as in house laboratory, we offer up to 99.9% purity with narrow particle size range. Apart from standard available grades, we also offer customized requirement in different level of chemical purities, density, particle size, oxygen content and flow-ability.

Available grades

Tungsten powder is available in grades from 1um to 50um.
Standard available grades are as under:

Avg. particle size range Density
AW 01 1 - 2 micron 2.8 g/cc
AW 02 2 - 3 micron 3.2 g/cc
AW 03 3 - 4 micron 3.8 g/cc
AW 05 5 - 6 micron 4.2 g/cc
AW 08 8 - 10 micron 5.0 g/cc
AW 13 13 - 15 micron 6.2 g/cc
AW 75 75 - 150 micron 10.0 g/cc

Principal applications

As tungsten having high density, hardness as well as high melting point, it is used to manufacture following products:

A: Manufacturers of diamond tools use it as additives to improve cutting.

B: It is also used to manufacture heavy alloy products like tank piercing rod, balls, counter balance and as a weight filler.

C: Alloys such as Copper/Silver tungsten are used in electrical contacts, electrodes and heat sinks.

D: Tungsten powder used to manufacture radiation shielding and induction accelerator in nuclear field.

C: New applications are found in the form of Tungsten plastic and Tungsten putty for fishing sinker and racing car weight.

Contact Information

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